Who we are

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The Greek People Management Association was founded in 1978, under the name “GPMA” and has been active for 34 years, due to the inspiration and passion of acknowledged executives in the field of Human Resource management.

Since the GPMA was founded, many things have changed. The rapid evolution of technology, the reclassification of markets, the expansion of borders and the globalization created an ever-changing reality. But among these changes, one thing will always remain stable: THE PEOPLE. And they will always be the main focus of the Human Resource management executives and therefore the focus of GPMA.

GPMA’s main target was and will always be, to promote the foundation and work of the Human Resource executives and to help the professional bonding between members in order to:

  • Exchange views, opinions and experiences and extend the study on matters regarding human relations and Human resource management.
  • Create and expand Greek relations with relevant associations around the world.
  • Offer constant training to the Human Resource executives.
  • To monitor and observe, developments on issues of Human Resource Management within companies.